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Cleddau Reach School Council

Shwmae! We are Year 6 members of the Cleddau Reach School Council. These are some of the thoughts from our School Council about how to improve our local communities.

Drinking in Wales

We definitely think that in Wales nobody should be allowed to drive after drinking alcohol. If people drink we think they should use public transport or walk. We also think that there should be a limit on how much people are allowed to drink on a night out.

Speeding Cars

Lots of cars are careless when they are driving around corners in places where children from our school play. They often ignore the signs. Some people have been hit by speeding cars recently in Pembrokeshire. We feel that the National Assembly should look at how they can stop this. Our School Council members have often seen speeding cars where they live and play.

Pupils putting together their blog

Pupils putting together their blog

Ban Smoking

We think this is a good idea because it is life threatening. We think shops should stop selling all smoking products so that we can make sure that people do stop smoking! We are pleased that recently the National Assembly stopped people smoking in cars with children in them. This is a significant improvement but there is more to be done. Ban smoking in Wales for good!

Hospital Care

Many pregnant ladies have to go to Carmarthen to give birth. This causes many problems for their families. The Children’s Ward in Withybush Hospital also needs to re-open full-time to support unwell children. We have heard that people in Pembrokeshire also have to wait for hours until they get treated in Accident and Emergency (A&E).

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More work on the blog!

Changing the Name of the National Assembly

We think that changing the name of the National Assembly is a bad idea because it would cost a lot of money. We could use it better on some of the issues above, and it would just confuse people to change the name. When all of these problems are solved we could start to consider changing the name.

Keeping Dogs on Leads

We would appreciate if dogs could stay on their leads when people take them for a walk, because dogs could attack each other and members of the public. Recently a dog-walker got attacked by a dog that had been let off its lead! There are many signs saying not to let your dogs off their leads in parks and other public places, but many people just disobey them!

Cleddau Reach Pupils Visit Siambr Hywel

Cleddau Reach Pupils Visit Siambr Hywel

If Cleddau Reach School Council Governed Wales for a Day

If we ruled Wales for a day we would try to work on all of the points above, because it would improve people’s lives. It could also change laws in other parts of the United Kingdom and the world. We would hate to hear that people’s lives have been affected or even taken away by some of the points outlined above.

We all love being on our School Council because it brings our ideas together and allows us to have a voice. By being elected to our School Council we are able to work together with the staff to further improve our school. We would LOVE to link with the National Assembly so that we can see the issues you are discussing, and Assembly Members and staff can see ours.



Tom David (Chair), Megan Kersey (Vice Chair), George Hopkins (Year 6 Representative), Alexys Jones (Year 6 Representative) and Kate Nutty (Secretary)

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