Your Assembly Ambassadors – Albany Primary School Council

Members of Albany Primary School Council

Members of Albany Primary School Council

Shwmae Cymru! We are the School Council representatives at Albany Primary School in Roath, Cardiff. We are currently getting involved in lots of projects to help improve our school. Most recently, we designed a pupil survey to ask the children at Albany what they felt about education and their learning experiences. Every pupil in Year 1- Year 6 completed the survey. We found out some really interesting things about what pupils at Albany enjoy doing in school, what they think helps them to learn and their ideas about how to improve learning opportunities.

We also recently met Dilwyn-Young-Jones (the South Wales Education Outreach Officer from the Welsh Assembly) and shared with him some of the most popular ideas reported in our pupil survey. Below are some of the ways pupils at Albany think we can improve learning and education in Primary Schools.

Specialist teachers

We think that one way to improve learning is to have specialist teachers that teach you different subjects. We think if teachers are really good at a subject they are better at teaching it and we enjoy learning more from them. In high school you have different teachers for different subjects so why not in Primary Schools too? We think this would make learning more fun for everyone.

More time to be creative

We all know Maths and English are important and we really enjoy these subjects but we think it’s important to have lots of opportunities to be a creative individual too. We think in Primary school (especially in KS2) we should have more time to do creative subjects like art, designing and making, music, dance, drama and of course sport and outdoor learning.

Learning environments

Our pupil survey showed that lots of children would like to change the learning environments they work in. Albany pupils said they enjoy working in small groups with their friends sometimes but they also felt that having a quiet area to work would really help their learning. We also think changing how indoor classrooms are designed would help our learning. Some people like to sit, stand, lie down when doing their work. Some children like to move around when they are thinking. We all learn differently. We think the classrooms inside should give children different opportunities to work in an area that suits their learning style best.

Being School Council Ambassadors

We really enjoy being School Council Ambassadors because we value the opportunity to help the grown-ups that make decisions about our school and our community. We think it is so important that we represent the opinions of the children in our school and in Wales because it is us who is most affected by the way schools in Wales are run.


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