Young People have their say in CYPE Legacy Report


The Children, Young People and Education Committee has published its legacy report, to provide a useful starting point for the next committee, to show what they have done in the fourth Assembly and what they have learned. The committee is made up of Assembly Members from different political parties and it their role is to make sure that the Welsh Government is doing a good job and spending its money in the best way when it comes to things that affect children and young people in Wales.

As part of the legacy report, the committee thought it was important for children and young people to have their say on the issues that matter most to them and to share the changes they would like to see in Wales and so they were asked to contribute. There was lots of input from young people across Wales with a total of 1,380 responses! The youngest participant was 6 years old and the oldest was 25. This engagement was in addition to the many more that have taken part in surveys on various issues over the past 5 years.

Education proved to be the most important issue for most young people, followed by issues such and transport, local government, the environment, health, and many more. These opinions are very important as they will help focus the future work of the committee to the issues that matter most to children and young people in Wales.

You can see what has been said already by viewing the report here. It’s never too late to have your say, if you want to share what matters most to you, you can contact your local Assembly Members or contact the committee itself!.


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