Assembly Members debate a sugar tax

Are you in favour of a Tango Tax?

Should the Welsh Government use new taxation powers to increase the price of sugary drinks, with the aim of decreasing the consumption of such products? On 9 December 2015, Assembly Members held a short debate on the introduction of a sugar tax, dubbed a ‘pop tax’ or ‘Tango tax’.

Sugar lumps

Image from Pixabay. Licensed under Creative Commons.

There has been growing concern about the damaging impact of sugar on health – from the state of people’s teeth to type 2 diabetes and obesity. But why are parents and many politicians worried so much about fizzy drinks? A typical can of fizzy drink contains about 9 teaspoons of sugar which is more than the daily recommended 6-7 teaspoons for a child and young adult and is the biggest source of sugar for 11 to 18 year olds.

Many AMs do believe that a sugar tax on its own will not solve our addiction to sugar and action must also be taken to address:
• Price promotions in shops and restaurants
• The marketing and advertising of high sugar products to children
• The sugar content in and portion size of everyday food and drink products

What do you think? View the debate in Plenary below.

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