School holiday dates to be standardised

This school year will be the last when the dates of school terms (and therefore) holidays vary between different areas in Wales and sometimes even between schools in the same village or county.

The Assembly passed a law in 2014 which required local authorities and schools to co-operate with each other when setting term dates and gave the Minister for Education and Skills the power to set these dates himself if they could not agree on common dates.  The Welsh Government, which proposed the legislation, argued this would help families who are currently affected by schools having different term and holiday dates, for example where children attend different schools or where parents work in a different school to the one their children go to.

The first year this applies to will be September 2016-August 2017 and the Minister has had to use his power of direction (i.e. set the dates himself). This is because not all local authorities across Wales could agree common dates among themselves.

For further information, see the blog post from the Assembly’s Research Service:

Minister uses new powers to harmonise school term dates in 2016/17

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