14-18 (PSE)

The Senedd

Below are a selection of devolution-themed resources for use in KS4-5 PSE lessons.


General guides about the Assembly.

Youth Engagement Charter (PDF, 2MB)

A charter outlining the Assembly’s commitment to the young people of Wales.

A day in Wales (PDF, 7MB)

An illustration of Wales which shows the 21 areas which the Assembly can make laws under.

Your Assembly – What is the Assembly? (PDF, 4MB)
A guide to the Assembly.

Your Assembly – Making Laws for Wales (PDF, 10MB)
A guide to explain the 4 stages of making a law for Wales.

St David’s Day Announcement (PDF, 14MB)

A guide to help explain the reserved powers model and future devolved powers for Wales

What is Plenary? (PDF, 2.4MB)
A guide to explain how the Assembly’s Plenary meetings are organised

Your Assembly – Workbook (PDF, 1.2MB)

Further resources for use with this age group:
11-18 (Welsh Baccalaureate)