11 and under

The Senedd

In this section you will find useful information and resources for children 11 and under.


General guides about the Assembly.

Youth Engagement Charter (PDF, 2MB)

A charter outlining the Assembly’s commitment to the young people of Wales.

A day in Wales (PDF, 7MB)

An illustration of Wales which shows the 21 areas which the Assembly can make laws under.

Your Assembly – What is the Assembly? (PDF, 4MB)

A guide to the Assembly.

Activity packs

KS2 Pack (PDF, 2MB)
10 classroom activities linked to the curriculum

Year 5-6 follow up quiz (Word, 985KB)
A follow up quiz for Year 5-6 pupils who have had an Assembly Education visit to Cardiff Bay.

Local election pack (PDF, 339KB)
This pack will help you to run an election in your class.

School Council pack (PDF, 697KB)
An activity pack aimed at schools councils to help them learn about the Assembly.

Hwb activities

Interactive resources to aid learning in the classroom

The Assembly’s Powers (external link)
Resource to raise awareness about the powers of the National Assembly for Wales.

Going on Tour (external link)
An activity to help pupils familiarise themselves with landmark buildings across Wales.


Create a debate in your classroom!

Use the resources below to role play a Plenary Meeting in your classroom. Develop your students’ debating skills and enhance their knowledge about the procedures and devolved subjects of the National Assembly for Wales.

How to organise a debate (Word, 436KB)
A guide to how to hold a Plenary debate in your classroom.

How to express your opinion (ppt, 3.1MB)
A PowerPoint presentation on expressing opinions and form arguments on a topic.

Expressing your opinion cards (Word, 131KB)
A series of cards to help pupils express opinions and form arguments on a topic.

Should smoking be banned in public areas?

The video below shows the arguments for and against banning smoking in public areas.

Should the consumption of energy drinks be regulated?

The video below shows the arguments for and against the regulation of energy drinks.