The Senedd

Activities to help understand what is the National Assembly for Wales. Suitable for PSE lessons.



General guides about the Assembly.

Youth Engagement Charter (PDF, 2MB)
A charter outlining the Assembly’s commitment to the young people of Wales.

A day in Wales (PDF, 7MB)

An illustration of Wales which shows the 21 areas which the Assembly can make laws under.

Your Assembly – What is the Assembly? (PDF, 4MB)
A guide to the Assembly.

Your Assembly – Making Laws for Wales (PDF, 10MB)
A guide to explain the 4 stages of making a law for Wales.

Your Assembly – Workbook (PDF, 1.2MB)


Activities for PSE lessons

A series of activities.

Create a new law (PDF, 278KB)
An activity to help young people’s understanding of the law making process in the Assembly.

Welsh Seal activity (PDF, 662KB)
An activity to teach young people about the official seal on Welsh laws and ask them to create your own version.

My local area report (PDF, 275KB)
An activity to make young people aware of who represents them in the Assembly and what the National Assembly for Wales is responsible for

Debate pack: Energy Drinks (PDF, 594KB)
Use this pack to hold a debate on the regulation of energy drinks