The Senedd

In this section you will find useful information and resources to help you learn and teach about the Assembly.
Education and Youth Engagement Service

11 and under

Activities to inspire young learners about the Assembly.

11 and under resources

14-18 (PSE)

A selection of devolution-themed resources for use in KS4-5 PSE lessons.

14-18 (PSE) resources


Activities to help understand what is the National Assembly for Wales. Suitable for PSE lessons.

11-14 resources

Scouts Democracy Badge

A suite of resources for leaders to complete with their young scouts with the aim of receiving a Democracy Challenge Badge.

Scouts Democracy Badge resources (external link)

14-18 (Welsh Baccalaureate)

Resources to help with the research element of the WBQ Individual Investigation.

14-18 (Welsh Baccalaureate) resources

Visiting the Senedd and Pierhead

Self-guided resources for use when visiting the Senedd and Pierhead.

Senedd and Pierhead resources