Young People, Politics and Democracy in Wales

This is a dedicated website for young people to learn about the National Assembly for Wales – what it does and how it affects young people living in Wales. Everyone in Wales should have a say in how their country is run and one way of doing this is by voting in National Assembly for Wales elections. But what if you're not old enough to vote yet? Or don’t feel you know enough about politics to vote? There are still lots of ways you can make a difference and get your voice heard in Wales, and this website will show you how you can make sure your voice is heard!

We want young people to be at the heart of this website, so make sure you get involved through Twitter, Facebook or by emailing

What is the National Assembly for Wales?


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Hi, and welcome to our first blog!

We’ll be updating this blog over the next few months as we ask 11-18 year olds in Wales to get involved with the ‘Your Assembly – your way, your say’ consultation and tell us how we at the Assembly can help you to get your voice heard about the things that really matter to you.

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