Major review on the Welsh Curriculum proposed

A radical change to how and what children in Wales are taught is in the spot light following a request by the Education Minister and Skills Huw Lewis AM. Huw Lewis said that he wanted to do something ‘unique for Wales – to develop a Curriculum for Wales – that provides…education from the Foundation Phase to Key Stage 4’.


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Professor Graham Donaldson wants computer programming and IT in all classes to be as important as literacy and numeracy with more flexibility for teachers to teach around the curriculum with the hope that the changes will bring better learning and higher standards.  The report has taken nearly a year to put together and Professor Donaldson said it’s a reflection of the evidence he gathered from more than 700 people including input from pupils, parents, teachers and business.

There are no precise timescale but Professor Donaldson has given an idea of what the Welsh Government may do to prepare and educate young people in Wales for life and work in the 21st century.  Wednesday’s announcement isn’t the end so make sure you follow the developments! Huw Lewis is due to make an oral statement in the Senedd on Wednesday 4 March.  Read the full report below

Successful Futures: Independent Review of Curriculum and Assessment Arrangements in Wales (PDF, 1.6MB) 

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