Your Assembly Ambassadors – Pentrehafod Student Parliament

Learning on a Live Building Site

Our school is a Rights Respecting School and, as such, student voice is very important. We have a Student Parliament, where students’ are selected, through an election process to represent their peers on the student cabinet.

This is particularly important to us at present, as our school is currently undergoing a refurbishment, which means that teaching and learning is taking place on a live building site. This has its “ups and downs”, but students have been consulted every step of the way, and we believe it is important that we are able to have a say on developments.

All cabinet members have been around the site at some time to offer an opinion. This is a “phase- build”, which means that some things are under construction and we have had some new things handed back to us. Recently we have had our new Drama Studio with new lighting rigs and full- length mirrors across the walls and many other things. We have also had a new music room with sound- proof walls, brand new keyboards and lots of new technical equipment. The music practice rooms are not quite finished yet and are being temporarily used as the headship team’s offices until their rooms are completed. The new technology rooms are almost finished and we will have some new ITC rooms so that is nearly finished. They are also working on new outside changing rooms with an additional section to house our alternative curriculum provision, and that will be handed back to us in July.

There is a two story building where Art and Design, and Textiles is going to be, and that will be split into four different rooms two on each floor. The other half of the first floor is going to be a high Technology room with writing desks and then you press a button and the computer and keyboard will rise from the writing desks and then the second floor will be textiles.

Currently they are working on our Reception-area. This is where two of the English rooms used to be and we have to have an alternative access to get in to school as they are working on the front of the school.

When completed, we will also have anti-bullying toilets so there will be no external door to make sure no bullying is going on inside the toilets. Each cubicle is being designed with doors that to go from the ceiling to the floor instead. Some of our toilets have been temporarily turned into staff toilets which is a real pain because we only have one set of toilets, and our quad area has been cornered off because they are working on our quad area as well so we have to go right around to go to wherever we need to be. However, although this is a real pain we do not mind as we are excited for the new build to be completed.

Our school’s favourite UNCRC Right is to “be the best that you can be”, so this is why our Child Protection Officer Mr Riordan, and head of the build wanted the new build to happen, and without his help things would not run so smoothly.

So a big thankyou to Mr Riordan and all the builders from the Pentrehafod Student Parliament.

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