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Every year school council gets elected by their class mates , but the teachers are not allowed to vote. So to know which person to vote for, the candidates have to write on a piece of paper what they are going to do for the school. On the vote every one has to close their eyes so people don’t vote for the person their friends are voting for. The children then right an official wording of how they feel to be on the School Council Committee.

In school we have various different methods of learning new subjects.

We learn new subjects all the time – some take a short time and other subjects can take weeks to finish. If we don’t understand and we find ourselves in the ‘learning pit’ we can either ask our peers, ask our teacher, look in books or do a safe search on the internet.

We are a rights respecting school. We link our learning to the rights that every child has. We really care about our right to an education. At the end of each day we have a class captain; a class captain is a pupil, who is chosen randomly, and they report what we have learnt in school that day.

To link with the rights we have school rules – ready respect safe. Ready means you always have to be ready to learn, respect means you have to respect everybody equally, and safe means you have to be sensible to ensure that you keep yourself, and others, safe.

In School Council we’ve been talking to Eco Council and they think there should be more litter pickers and bins so that our school is kept free from litter. This will also protect the wildlife habitats that are in our school grounds. We could do with more litter pickers so that even more pupils can get involved with keeping our school tidy.hendredenny-logo

In school we have been very grateful for the daily mile track which has been painted on the grass. Most people have been using it every day to get regular exercise. It is 8 laps round the track to complete one mile. On the concrete you have to do 13.5 laps to complete one mile. Many pupils have been awarded school ‘ebadges’ for their achievements with completing the daily mile.



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