Guest Blog – Community Voice Project, Digartref Ynys Môn

The Community Voice project at Digartref aims to have the voices heard of people suffering from, or having been affected by, homelessness. We have worked closely with Anglesey County Council in order to improve the services for homelessness and raise awareness of the impacts homelessness has on an individual. We recently won an award in Cardiff at the TPAS Cymru Awards Ceremony for Improving Services thanks to our involvement with the Council. We are also pretty cool, on the whole.

We have also been working with the National Assembly for Wales, in the consultation for the proposed abolition of the Right To Buy Act where we voiced our concerns as younger members of the community about the impact of the abolition on our future. We also went to the Senedd, had a tour, and discussed a few topics and got involved in activities with a member of the Outreach programme. We enjoyed our trip a lot as we got to see more of what happens inside the actual Senedd, we sat in the viewing gallery and watched a live debate (where a few topics would directly affect us) and got more of an insight into how the Assembly achieve their aims and the way it works.

We were also involved in a consultation with a member of the youth engagement team to discuss the possibility of a Youth Parliament, and input our opinions on the need for a Youth Parliament in Wales.
We hope to be more involved with the Youth Parliament, and represent the voice of youth homelessness nationally on a grander scale as we think it is important to have our voices heard because our experiences can help others understand how to help people in those situations, or help the individuals themselves by giving them advice or even just showing them that it does get better. We look forward to working with projects like these and look forward to the new challenges the variety of projects we are involving ourselves in will bring.

We’re glad to have our Community Voice-d!

Young people from Digartref Community Voice Project in Cardiff Bay

Young people from Digartref Community Voice Project in Cardiff Bay

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