Secondary School Council

secondary-school-councilActivity Timetable

Welcome room

Welcome and video from the Presiding Officer

Creativity Room

Learners will play the role of the Assembly’s Petitions Committee and evaluate current ideas before the Committee.

Discussion room

The council will recreate a Plenary Assembly in Siambr Hywel with their own prearranged agenda.


A tour of one of Wales’s most recognised buildings and an opportunity to ask questions to representatives. If you wish you may reserve tickets for the Plenary at 13.30pm.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to reserve a place for the special programme on Wednesday andThursday afternoon, tours will start from the Senedd.



Introduce, explore and discuss the work of the National Assembly for Wales and explore the similarities between a school councillors and Assembly Members. We want to give children and young people the confidence to become informed citizens who have the knowledge and skills to play an active part in shaping the Wales they want.


Find out how decisions are made in Wales

Recognise that children and young people can get involved in making decisions, and reviewing any actions that might affect them. Identify means of furthering their engagement with decision makers and representatives.

To develop the learners’ political ‘literacy’ that enables them to make effective decisions and judgements in the world of political and legal systems.

Learn about the Youth Parliament for Wales (coming in 2018)

Observe Assembly Members at work

Empower the School Councillors with the information needed to be a proactive council in promoting their right to have a say in decisions that affects them.


National Literacy and Numeracy Framework

Literacy and Communication Skills

Oracy, Reading, Writing

Learners will be able to:

– present ideas and issues convincingly using a range of techniques for impact, e.g. rhetorical questions, appeals to listeners, gestures

-practice responding to how listeners are reacting by adapting what they say and how they say it

-sustain a convincing point of view, anticipating and responding to other perspectives, e.g. in role or debate

-consider the relevance and significance of information and ideas presented to them


School councillors will be able to:

-Identify their five Assembly Members

-Understand the role of an Assembly Member and what makes a good representative/ leader

-Understand the role the Assembly plays in their daily lives and their role as active citizens in their communities

-Use appropriate language to discuss ideas

– Understand the importance of democratic decision-making and why people vote