Bacc in the Bay Post 16

bacc-in-the-bay-post-16Activity timetable

Global Citizenship Challenge

A series of activities with pupils to practice and develop skills for Problem Solving, Creativity and Innovation, and Literacy. The visit will aim to use research skills and the PESTLE analytical tool to prepare for a debate on a global issue.

Welcome Room

Welcome and video from the Llywydd

Creativity Room

Learners will take part in a workshop that will look at the role of the National Assembly for Wales. Following this workshop learners will be empowered to become active citizens in their local communities.

Debating Room

An opportunity to practice their presentation and public speaking skills by holding their Global Conference Challenge in Siambr Hywel to coincide with the Baccalaureate’s criteria.


A tour of one of Wales’s most iconic buildings.

Organizing a unique event

We can help you to hold your Global Challenge Conference in our Debating Room, a dedicated chamber for young people. Contact us for more information.



Global Citizenship Challenge (Short Challenge)


Learners will understand how they can play an active part in shaping society in Wales and how the National Assembly for Wales works towards a better future for Wales in the context of global issues.

Learners will investigate an issue, consider different arguments and communicate their own personal viewpoint by organising a conference debate in Siambr Hywel, the Assembly’s youth debating chamber.


Understand the role the Assembly plays in their daily lives and their role as active citizens in their communities

Understand the importance of democratic decision-making and why people vote

Recognise that children and young people can get involved in making decisions, and reviewing any actions that might affect them.

Engage and encourage the audience in the debate to think and act as active citizens in Wales and as global citizens.

Learn about the Youth Parliament for Wales (coming in 2018)


Learners will be able to:

– think critically about an issue and consider the impact of relevant political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental (PESTLE) factors.

-use information and data to solve problems.

– express their own well-reasoned and clearly expressed decisions and judgments.

– apply appropriate problem solving and decision making techniques.

– reflect on other people’s viewpoints and vote on the issue