Bacc in the Bay KS4

bacc-in-the-bay-ks4Activity Timetable

Community challenge brief

This is a special visit which will meet the requirements for teaching the ‘Coaching’ brief of the welsh baccalaureate. To view the brief download the PDF document.

Learners will be empowered during the session to hold workshops about what the Assembly does, how to be active citizens for their peers in their communities and in Wales

Welcome Room

Welcome and video from the Presiding Officer

Creativity Room

During a productive session led by the Education Officer learners will examine the skills needed to be a high standard facilitator. They will take part in various games to spark further discussions about the type of content which they could present to their peers. The programme will be facilitated using a ‘train the trainer’ style.

Debating Chamber

Learners will practice their negotiating skills to facilitate a debate on an issue of importance to young people. This is another catalyst to empower learners to be able to hold sessions with their peers within their community.


The visit will end with a tour of one of Wales’s most iconic buildings.



Introduce, explore and discuss the work of the National Assembly for Wales in preparation for the learners to coach others as part of the Community Challenge ‘Coaching’ brief. We want to give the learners the skills to be confident when presenting engaging sessions about the Assembly to others. By completing the challenge learners will gain a certificate of recognition by the Assembly.


To develop the learners’ political ‘literacy’ that will enable them to inform, involve and empower other young people

Explore why many young people feel disengaged from politics and the democratic process

Recognise that children and young people can get involved in making decisions, and reviewing any actions that might affect them.

Learn about the Youth Parliament for Wales (coming in 2018)

Achieve a ‘Your Assembly Ambassador’ certificate

Develop facilitating and public speaking skills.


Learners will be able to:

– Be aware of their rights and responsibilities as citizens of Wales and the wider world.

-Consider the merits of using different methods to coach others about the Assembly

-Understand the role the Assembly plays in their daily lives and their role as active citizens in their communities

– Understand the importance of democratic decision-making and why people vote

– learn about an issue, think critically about them and how they may be solved.