Changing the name of the National Assembly for Wales: What do you think?

Image of the Senedd building from outside

Senedd, home of the National Assembly for Wales

We want you to tell us what you think about a proposal to change the name of the National Assembly for Wales.

Why now?

If the UK Parliament passes a law (called the Wales Bill) in early 2017, it will give the National Assembly for Wales the power to make a new law to change its name.


Over the years the Assembly has received changes to the powers that it has. When the Assembly was established in 1999, we were not allowed to make laws. Slowly the UK Parliament has allowed us to do more. Over the years we have been doing more things, so our role is now similar to other parliaments.


The Assembly Members debated this issue in July and they agreed that the name of the Assembly should show its status as a national parliament and that we needed to hear views from across Wales.  We are now asking everyone in Wales about what they think of changing the name of the Assembly.


You can tell us what you think here.

Any questions? Send an e-mail to

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