Bethesda Beaver Scouts kick-start their Democracy Challenge Badge

The Beaver Scouts from Bethesda have made a start on completing the requirements to receive their Democracy Challenge Badge following a visit from one of our Youth Engagement Officers, Caryl Mai Hughes.

During the visit on Tuesday 29 November, the Beaver Scouts learnt about the National Assembly for Wales including what the Assembly is responsible for by taking part in a treasure hunt.


They also learnt who their local Assembly Members are and where they meet.

One of the requirements for the badge is to take part in a vote so the group had a discussion about what a vote is and how people can vote for different things.

The group then had the opportunity to vote themselves. Different sweets were placed on a table and the Beavers got to try the different sweets before voting, using a ballot paper and ballot box, for their favourite.


The Beavers did a very good job of making sure they were quiet when voting and weren’t looking at other people’s votes.

Following voting, it was announced that Skittles were indeed the Beavers favourite sweets.

You can visit the ScoutsCymru website for more information about the Democracy Challenge Badge and to see resources created by the National Assembly for Wales to help leaders to complete the requirements.

If you’d like a member of the team to come and start the badge with your group of Scouts then please contact us on or 0300 200 6565

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