Assembly Ambassadors session – Imogen from 5th Llanishen Guides, Cardiff.

I’m Imogen Blacklidge and I am a part of 5th Llanishen Guides. In February half term I went to Bronerion which is GirlGuiding Cymru’s headquarter and took part in an Assembly Ambassadors session led by Caryl Hughes. We learnt about the National Assembly and Welsh politics. I found the session very interesting because I am very passionate about politics and how they affect young people. I learnt a lot about the Welsh Assembly that I didn’t know before such as how we have one constituency member and four regional members who represent us. At the end Caryl provided us with a resource pack so we could become Assembly Ambassadors and do the session with a group of young people. I was eager about running my own session because I found it so useful for myself and wanted to give more young people the opportunity to learn about the Assembly.

On the 23rd of March I ran my own session with 5th Llanishen Guides. I had a laptop with the slide show and notes to help guide me on what to say. I was worried about making sure I got all the information right but it was very easy. I taught them about what the Assembly is and about the building, who Assembly Members are and how they work on behalf of their communities. The session was so successful because there were lots of activities for them to take part in which made learning fun. Some examples are; playing a true and false game where they had to sort the fact cards into true or false piles, they had a good laugh at some of the silly cards and also learnt facts about Assembly Members such as you can e-mail your representative about an issue you may have. Another activity they enjoyed was where they had to find the 21 subjects that Wales can make laws on in a big mural. Like me they were all very interested and didn’t hold back from getting involved. They all came out of the session with a lot more knowledge about the Assembly and enthused about politics. I would happily do this session again for another youth group because I believe young people should be taught about politics in a fun and engaging way like Assembly Ambassadors does.

Imogen's Assembly Ambassador Session

Imogen’s Assembly Ambassador Session

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