Your Assembly Members

The Role of Assembly Members

There are 60 Assembly Members at the National Assembly for Wales. They are elected by the people of Wales to represent them and their communities, make laws for Wales and to ensure the Welsh Government is doing its job properly.

Assembly Members are like the members of a school council who are elected by their classes to represent them and to make decisions on their behalf.

The National Assembly’s job is to make sure that the things the Welsh Government is doing are in the best interests of Wales and its people.

The Assembly does this by:

  • looking over and voting on whether to pass laws
  • asking questions and making suggestions about policies
  • agreeing how much money the Welsh Government can spend and making sure it is spent properly.

Why contact an Assembly Member?

Are you worried about issues in the area where you live – anti-social behaviour or the bus services, litter or the facilities (or lack of facilities) for young people? Why not contact your Assembly Member? A Member can speak to the right people or even ask a question to a Welsh Minister in the Siambr.

Do you know who represents you in the National Assembly for Wales? Click on the link below to use the interactive Members’ map in order to find your Members for your Constituency and Region.

Interactive Members’ map