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    Are you over 16 and living in Wales? Are you registered to vote? How much do you know about how to register, how to vote and why your vote matters? Go to our Wales 2016 website to find out more.

Young People, Politics and Democracy in Wales

This is a dedicated website for young people to learn about the National Assembly for Wales – what it does and how it affects young people living in Wales. Everyone in Wales should have a say in how their country is run and one way of doing this is by voting in National Assembly for Wales elections. But what if you're not old enough to vote yet? Or don’t feel you know enough about politics to vote? There are still lots of ways you can make a difference and get your voice heard in Wales, and this website will show you how you can make sure your voice is heard!

We want young people to be at the heart of this website, so make sure you get involved through Twitter, Facebook or by emailing yourassembly@assembly.wales.

The Assembly Elections 2016

  Much like Leicester City winning the Premiership (and who would have predicted that back in February!) the race to form the next Assembly and the ultimate goal of winning the most Assembly Member (AM) seats is now over. Who won? Well, overall seats for each political party, after weeks of campaigning are:  
  • Welsh Labour 29
  • Welsh Conservatives 11
  • Plaid Cymru 12
  • The Welsh Liberal Democrats 1
  • United Kingdom Independent Party 7

For a full list and pictures of the Assembly Members for each constituency and region please visit our election page.

What happens next?

All Assembly Members have taken part in an oath taking ceremony and met for their first Plenary meeting at the Senedd on 11 June 2016. A new Presiding Officer (PO) and Deputy PO were chosen by secret vote by all Assembly Members. Elin Jones AM is now the Presiding Officer and Ann Jones AM is the Deputy Presiding Officer.

First Minister (FM), Carwyn Jones AM ,was also chosen and he has selected a team of Ministers and Deputy Ministers to form the next Welsh Government. The Government will present their spending plans to the Assembly, for scrutiny in the Autumn term. We will then have a better idea of what their priorities will be in the first year of Assembly Business. To make sure you have a say about what they want to do keep visiting this website or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Obesity in Wales

The results of the Welsh Health Survey 2015 show that in Wales 24% of adults are classified as obese and 59% of adults are classified as overweight or obese. The figures for overweight and obese adults rise with increasing deprivation, from 54% in the least deprived areas to 63% in the most deprived areas. Public […]

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Guest Blog – Madalen Reid

Work Experience In June 2016, I had the opportunity to do a week’s work experience with Rhun ap Iorwerth, the Assembly Member for Anglesey. I am a sixth form pupil in Ysgol Tryfan in Bangor, and I live in Menai Bridge, on Anglesey. Although I am not studying politics at school, the politics of Wales, […]

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Youth Excellent Awards 2016

Youth Work Week Wales 2016 – Youth Work Excellence Awards 2016

Friday 24 June 2016, saw the return of the annual Youth Work Excellence Awards in North Wales. The event was held at Venue Cymru in Llandudno with over 150 young people, youth workers and organisation representatives in attendance including Caryl Hughes from our own team here at the National Assembly for Wales. The evening began […]

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Ysgol y Gader

Youth Work Wales 2016 – Guest Blog by the Visitor Team

Guest Blog by Gareth Coombes – Visitor Tour Manager My name is Gareth Coombes and I am the Tour Manager at the National Assembly for Wales, which means I have the privilege of providing tours and presentations to a wide range of people about the work of the Assembly. I see school groups, Women’s Institutes, politicians and […]

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